BA Exchange is an agent of Western Union. Western Union money transfer is quick and reliable way to send or receive money to worldwide locations. You don't need to have any bank account, credit or debit card. Just take your money and go there. There is several western union offices worldwide. We have various branches to transfer money.

1) The Fees charged by Western Union depend on the amount of money you are sending and also on the locations between which you want to transfer money.

2) No card required. Just money.

3) You can send money directly to a Bank using Western Union Money Transfer.

4) The person to whom you are sending money by Western Union goes to the chosen agent location from where he/she can pick up the money by simply showing an identity card.

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SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. It's an automated payment system we use to transfer funds between different countries. You can make a SWIFT payment to transfer money overseas in the local currency. SWIFT transfer is method of fund transfer by means of electronic from one individual or organization to another, either from one bank account to another or transfers of cash at a cash office.

Wire transfer services are in different categories like retail money transfer, International money transfer, international debit card etc.

In a retail money transfer (for example: western union), an individual or firm can transfer or receive money without having account with them.

For Swift the following information is required:

1) Beneficiary's name and account number

2) Beneficiary's Bank name and detailed address

3) Beneficiary's 'Bank Identification Code' (BIC) and/or 'Sorting Code'

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Currency exchange businesses must meet certain regulations and guidelines. You can convert any major currency with BA Exchange. For specific large deal you can contact the head of the operation to assist you in your transaction. There are no fees charged by BA Exchange for currency exchange.

For currency Exchange the following information is required:

1) Identification Card or Passport Number.

2) Currency to be Exchanged

3) Our current exchange rate

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